A Little About Me

Hello my name is Jessica DeBose. I am from Gautier, Mississippi and I'm pursuing a career in elementary education. I plan to teach second grade specifically because I think they are the perfect age to learn from and to educate. I believe I entered this field because of my up coming in schools because of my grandma, aunt, and mother. I was basically raised in schools all of my life. I view this profession as a reward to help students become better in education and life. I had my first experience when I was around the age of thirteen with children. I volunteered at a summer camp and I have been working there ever since. Since I have been around children, I have grown to love it more and more everyday.

My Teaching Philosophy

Education is Harmony

Education is an agreement of elements that help us to learn. Not only just the students, teachers, or principal is being educated; but everyone as a whole is learning something new almost everyday. It could be an eye catching bulletin board that attracts a child or a teacher learning how to maneuver her way through an obstacle that makes us become a better component of learning. I see an entire school working as notes to make a beautiful sound of education. When a sound as such comes from the school, it stays at an all time high.

The energy can never be lost and incoming students who are kindergarten can feed off that energy.

With all of us learning everyday or almost everyday, we intake a learning experience from everything that we go through. Our math, social studies, science, and English is what we basically go to school for, but if we did not have the teachers, other student’s viewpoints, and bulletin boards I don’t think we could get far. Our technology also helps go forward as an advantage to our education for school education. There are so many attributes that help us to ascend to the next level. I vision these elements as notes. Harmony is our education that is built by these specific notes that takes us to a level of agreement.

My philosophy is not only about the teachers standing in front of a classroom and lecturing. My viewpoint of teaching is involving the entire school as a educator which is including everyone and everything.

Why Teaching Chose Me...

I was born into this career as a little child because of where my mother, aunts, and grandmother stood in their life which were teachers. My wall in my room were like personal bulletin boards and I had my own school desk where I read my books from my personal library. I could not resist this career even though I tried to get away from it. Of course I tried all of the majors that were popular such as nursing and psychology and found out that they were not suitable for me. I came into realization too late in my opinion but I am glad I came to my senses. Children are not how they use to be in my opinion. They getting too attached to television and not to education. I want the children today to be educated so that they can educate my children and grandchildren. I want to be able to bring out the creativity and adventurous side to these children. I want it to be how it was for me when I was in school and that is fun.

Education is the Key

Being a teacher to me is just a job or something to get you by for a living. An educator is into his or her work. They view the career as a craft and take the job to heart. If we as educators do not take this job seriously then the next generation will be in trouble because of what we have done to our students as a whole. Children have clean slates that we need to fulfill. I think it is an honor to educate children. Children not only view us as educators but as role models as well. We have such an impact them and I want to make a great one because children soak in every single thing that we do. Learning is the main thing that children are doing the entire time in school and outside of school. It's our job to be the great leaders so that they some day can be one as well. Education is the best thing a child can gain.

Getting Involved with the Community

I am a strong believer in helping the community. My mother has been a volunteer since I was born and that install so much into me that I volunteered at a summer camp at the age of twelve. I began as helper of the camp counselors and then eventually I began working there. I now volunteer in Mobile helping children with an extracurricular activity which is stepping. I plan to install this great deed into my students. I will not pressure them to help but at least show them that it builds character. When christmas is to come around we can help donate towards the children who need more than want. There are several out there to donate towards such as the Little Tree. The Little Tree is a school where autism children attend. I think it will be nice for children to realize that there are children in the world who do not have as much as others. I basically want to get my children involved in the community. When children are helping in any fashion, form, or way; it makes them feel as if they have significance and that's what I want to install for the better of themselves.

Being Technology Savvy In the Classroom

Technology as we all know has come a long way. I plan to take it farther for my students. I have noticed that children are learning more and more everyday with computers, phones, and other gadgets unknown of. On the other hand while I was taking EDM310, I noticed that students are not just learning the simple basic things on a computer. There is blogging, posting links, and podcasting that theses students are taking advantage of. I absolutely admire this in such a magnificent way. Children were doing things that I and my friends did not have a clue of. I personally am so appreciative for the EDM310 class because it has taught me so much and I plan to learn more. I want to be able to share and reach children from a different level if they have not been experiencing technology. I want to introduce podcasting and blogging specifically so that we can reach other classrooms in other countries. I plan to teach in an elementary school so that we can target the students early with technology. By doing so, they will enter the world more aware of how technology works